The Story Behind the Story on Immigration

The Immigration Card:

The political left is counting on open immigration to give them the edge to overpower the right and take control over every election.

The Church of Jesus Christ is found wanting today.  Our influence is being minimized.  There is too much talking about benefits for being a Christian rather than the Biblical obligation to serve others as a Christian.  the Church has become socially distracted by the accusations flying around the Political class that has led to “hardheartedness” to become a plague upon the Nation.

This is not the first time in history for such events.  And history shows us the only way out is for repentance to sweep across the Nation.  “If my people, who are called by my Name, will humble themselves, repent and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them and heal their land.”

Motivations to consider in the immigration debate:

In the last 25 years the Political leaders of the Democratic Party have done a 180 degree turn in their view of immigration into the USA.  Both parties historically have provided a legal means for people to immigrate to the USA.  But it has dawned on the left that both the white working middle class, and the majority white small business demographic that believes in personal responsibility and accountability must be defeated.  Rather than historic internal warfare to achieve this take over, they have concluded that by ignoring and non-enforcement of immigration law, change can be effected within as little as 10 to 20 years.

Why?  The answer is quite simple.  In every society since the dawn of mankind there has always been a ruling class to rise up that wants to control and benefit from change and upheaval.  Obama’s mantra of change was just that theme.  It was perceived to be change for all, but in reality it was meant as change for how all society level decisions are made.  On his famous apology tour, he in fact, was denouncing all that America has stood for during the last 200 years plus.

This denouncement was to appear to challenge the economic powers in America under the guise of racial discrimination.  Yet, the social evidence of the last 50 years is that minorities suffer more under the policies of the Democratic Party than under the Republicans.  There seems to be a sense that the Republican Party represents the so-called white European influence and must be done away with.

The argument is that most whites are from Europe and therefore they do not consider the wants or needs of those of color.  Oddly, the American white middle class and small business entrepreneur is against the political direction of Europe.  The truth behind the demand for all immigrants to have free reign and come and go as they please is a means for those on the left to take over America.  Currently, the 1% to 2% of the most wealthy Americans have their wealth by means of bringing added economic value to our society.  The move to take down the Buffets, Trumps, Gates’ etc. is to make way for a ruling political class that will not add one iota of wealth to society, but will actually drain the wealth.

Under Communism in the USSR, the Communist Party ruled with their one per cent of the population.  In 1991 I stayed at a “Party” hotel.  They had heated towel racks, king sized beds, handmade fine craftsman furniture.  Heat and electric 24/7.  I also stayed at normal, public hotels.  Where they rotated days of the heat on or off (in Dec!).  Bugs crawling, single beds, and all things second (or third) rate.

This may sound like I am a conspiracy theorist.  My counter to that accusation is – think! – connect the dots.  We know something exists, even when we can’t see it, by the effect it has on that which we can see.  I ask you, how do you explain the flip flop of Schumer, Pelosi, Obama, Clinton, in the last 20 years? They have completely turned in their immigration view.  Without giving one legitimate reason of any sort for their change in thinking.  ALL of them were for better laws, more border security, and better law enforcement.  Today, they ALL act like they have always been so noble to just let anyone in America.

This proves there is an unseen force at work convincing them all that America must open her doors without screening regardless of costs to society and personal history of those coming in.