Internet Automotive Marketing has been my vocation for the last 19 years.  I consult with car dealers helping them to use the Internet to sell cars.  I have worked with over 100 Dealers across the Nation.  I build in-dealership processes for the handling of Internet leads, whether by email or phone.  I work both with those dealers that want their sales people to handle leads from beginning to the delivery.  I also work with dealerships that want to utilize a BDC department to process leads up to the point of setting appointments.

What Daryl’s clients have to say

Daryl has worked with us for over 10 years.  We built together a full blown BDC operation at Page Toyota and  at Page Honda of Bloomfield.  Daryl has been working and training us monthly and we are generating just under 50% of our sales directly related to Internet leads.

Bob Vermuelen, Dealer, Page Imports,

Detroit, Mi

Daryl Sanders has worked with our two dealer groups in Detroit, Mi.  He has been with us through all the changes that have evolved capturing Internet sales over the years.

We continually are updating our processes, our web sites, and our phone approaches.  We have found the need to change significantly how we set appointments since social media has become such an influence over how shoppers relate to car dealers.  Daryl has been a real help in our monthly training sessions to keep up with and stay ahead of the changes.

Rodger Lau former General Manager, Jeffrey Auto and Tamaroff Auto,

Detroit, Mi



I have written a book in the past year called, “The Internet Car Shopper.”  The book covers the broad range of efforts needed to win shoppers to come to the dealership. For more information and to purchase, click here.